Wage Peace Vol. 1: Mortal Gods (clean radio edit version)

Origins of Orion prod. by MPM Producer

Clean / Censored Version of Wage Peace Vol. 1: Mortal Gods

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Orion Swift

With two full time jobs and multiple business ventures, Orion Swift is probably the busiest person you know. Despite a full schedule and limited resources,  he is disciplined and committed to creating music, boldly recording vocal tracks to his 2020 EP, “Wage Peace: Vol. 1: Mortal Gods,”*  in his car on an iPhone XR in the time between his working hours.  *Wage Peace produced by MPM Producer  


Orion Swift is an artist. Growing up in Seattle, WA, going to underground shows, playing in various metal and hardcore bands, even one with his father, he has lived in the music scene his entire life.  


Hardcore vegan armed with a pop sensibility.  


Certified Master of Usui and Holy Fire Reiki.  


Student of esoteric teachings with a gnostic worldview.  


Music fanatic with no genre boundaries.  


These are true statements that describe Orion.   

Sending universal healing energy through the airwaves with good intentions and heavy vibrations, he sets forth with one goal: to wage peace like the other side wages war.   

Born in Seattle December 1990 to avid Metallica fans, Orion’s name was almost certainly influenced by the 1986 instrumental masterpiece of the same name from the ‘Master of Puppets’ album. With music running through him from birth, no one was surprised when a 13-year-old Orion co-formed Seattle death metal/grindcore band Immortal Divination with his father, the two-sharing guitar, and vocal duties. By 14 he was playing his first show with the band at Seattle’s El Corazon. By the time he was 16, he had already started another band, IDOLS, and continued to play with them into his 20’s.  


At 22, he moved to Utah with his partner and mentor, MaryShae, where he studied Usui Holy Fire Reiki healing, befriended psychics, witches, artists, and healers. He began his professional career in marketing with plant-based superfood company Sunwarrior in 2015. That same year, he crossed paths with the founder of eco-hip hop Ietef DJ CAVEM, Vita at the Sedona Raw Food Festival (aka Pure Living). CAVEM mentored Orion as an artist and inspired him to create music that cultivates love and positivity while sticking to his underground roots.  


Following this encounter, Orion wrote and self-produced a concept album using only his iPhone with the stage name Sugar Venom 7. With no real audio engineering experience, the quality was not incredible, but it led him to meet and partner with Italian producer Marco Porrà, who was able to understand Orion’s vision and take his music to the next level. Orion then enlisted the help of Nic Bot, a professional graphic designer and fellow Sunwarrior, to create his logo and the artwork for his first two singles.    


After 15 years of making music Orion embraced his given name and set to work forming a new sound the likes of which have never been heard before. In his first year with his new project, Orion released a handful of singles including “Invocations” and “Road to Freedom,” a song inspired by a ride home with his grandpa after leaving his grandma’s hospital bedside. His first trip back to Seattle in some time, he noticed the countless rows of homeless encampments and when he got back home, the lyrics came to him as a way to start a conversation and shine a light on a growing problem in America.  


Growing up going to shows and playing music with his metal-enthused dad, Orion got a head start in music that many of his peers did not. That ingrained in him a passion and work ethic that would go on to be as versatile as the music he once listened to in his bedroom as a youth. Today, he’s taken his expertise of various genres and molded them into a new paradigm in music, best described as Trap Metal to which he notes, “There is a small pioneering class of artists doing a similar thing, but my unique POV, musical background, and business/marketing sense cultivated in the growing Natural Products industry allows me to stay fresh and innovative from a holistic perspective.’  


With such a strong and capable plan, Orion is ready to make an impact on the global music scene and collective consciousness by spreading good vibes and giving back to the universe through diverse underground music. On Friday November the 13th, or released his debut album produced by Marco Porrà (aka MPM Producer) titled “Wage Peace Vol. 1: Mortal Gods” to finish 2020 he plans on pressing his nose even closer to the grindstone as he sets his sight on radio play, magazine webzine and blog coverage, licensing deals, and an overall global media blitz.