Like Linkin Park mixed with $uicideBoy$”

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Orion Swift 2020 photo by Ben Braten @PosteriorChainGains on IG

Orion Swift 2020 photo by Ben Braten @PosteriorChainGains on IG

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With two full time jobs and multiple business ventures, Orion Swift is probably  the busiest person you know. Despite a full schedule and limited resources,  he is disciplined and committed to creating music, boldly recording vocal tracks to his 2020 EP, “Wage Peace: Vol. 1: Mortal Gods,”*  in his car on an iPhone XR with the time between his working hours.  *Wage Peace produced by MPM Producer


Orion Swift is an artist. Growing up in Seattle, WA, going to underground shows, playing in various metal and hardcore bands, even one with his father, he has lived in the music scene his entire life.

Immortal Divination

Orion and father Micah share vocal duties at Immortal Divination's first show at El Corazon in Seattle circa 2005

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