From the recording Road to Freedom

A fresh new sound drawing influence from many different musical sources, Orion's music is best described as punk rap.


Road to Freedom

Real talk. Condos in the city are being bought up by the 1%. Empty they sit, cause fellow gods and goddesses are forced from their homes living paycheck to paycheck.

Take a step back look at the city streets. Notice how many of us live in tent communities, while your ignorant affluent ass scoffs as you walk past. More and more displaced ‘cause they can’t pay their rent.

I give my heart I sell my blood for you. My blood sacrifice paves the road to freedom.

Blood! Blood! Blood! Blood!

Blood! My Blood! My Blood sacrifice paves the road to freedom

Orion Swift, Saturn born, Capricorn, I’m the tax man, I’ve come to collect, but you’ve got...

More important things to do, like staring at your screens, a man swipes right on a pretty little thing. She passes on him, gets a dopamine hit, addicted to the feeling, he’s just another notch on her self esteem count.

His heart is crushed, how will he choose to fill the void tonight?

Naw, bro put that shit away get over her

She’s an NPC bot streaming consciousness thot. Young and hot daddy’s money in a trust fund.

Blood! My Blood! My blood sacrifice paves the road to freedom

Yo Then there’s me I’m a freak in the sheets wearing floral bomber jackets cause it’s fucking chic, I decided long ago that I wanted to write dope songs, claim my destiny, follow my prophecy, future me is everything that I want to be. Yo, separate my blood from the plasma, like its miasma, return it to my veins and load my card with cash. Pilgrimage to the spot twice a week so I can fulfill my life’s contracts.

Growing up I was a young emo ginger, from a poor family, Candy Cane trees Mountlake Terrace kid, in the greater Seattle scene.

Everything I know now I learned from my dad selling tickets to our shows on the emerald city streets
All you need to know now I’m the next big thing with my unique sound, But for now I sell my blood

I sell my blood
I give my blood
(My blood) paves the road to freedom